Land Use Planning
PACLAND's skilled and experienced consultants are experts in developing project objectives and preparing conceptual design scenarios. This effort is focused on identifying and optimizing land use, master planning, and design opportunities. Our team is able to evaluate a project's impact on existing infrastructure and make recommendations regarding improvements likely to be needed to support a planned development. Our attitude and development insight has generated a strong repeat client base; a client base that continues to expand by virtue of satisfied clients.
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  Civil Engineering
PACLAND's design team has a passion for quality, and understands that clear, detailed construction documents are integral to a project's success both in terms of budget and schedule.  Our approach to civil engineering design and preparation of construction documents is rooted in our belief that early identification of key design issues results in a better product.  Our team of skilled Designers, Project Engineers and Project Managers work closely with a Principal to develop construction plans, specifications, and necessary supplemental reports, minimizing agency review time.  Our team also brings a wealth of construction experience, and offers construction support services to complement our design services.  Our construction support services allow us to remain grounded in sound construction practices, helping to continually improve our design approach.
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  Transportation Engineering
PACLAND, with support from industry-leading sub-consultants, has developed strong relationships with Departments at the state, county and city levels in many jurisdictions across the country. With experience in transportation planning, transportation design, traffic engineering, traffic signalization, illumination systems, roundabout design and interchange design, we often play a lead role in the construction of major development infrastructure. Our collaborative approach of working with local jurisdictions, various stakeholders, and the general public ensures a win-win solution to any transportation challenge.  We are able to provide complete construction support services for our transportation projects, or assist public agencies with varying degrees of support as necessary.
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