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Redmond Walmart Supercenter
Project Reflects Local Community

Client: Walmart
Redmond, OR

PACLAND processed land-use entitlements, completed site design, and processed both on-site and off-site permits for the development of the first Wal-Mart Supercenter in Central Oregon. PACLAND worked with Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to secure the Underground Injection Control Registration Permit for thirty-nine drywells associated with the development of the project. The project required challenging coordination and negotiation with the Central Oregon Irrigation District (COID) to relocate an existing surface irrigation main line and lateral bisecting the site, and to reconstruct an existing roadway adjacent to COIDís main irrigation canal. PACLAND led this coordination effort. PACLAND designed and permitted extensive off-site roadway improvements, including improvements to a state highway, and secured a Highway Access Permit with the Oregon Department of Transportation. PACLAND negotiated with an adjacent business to relocate their access and provide additional right-of-way dedication to accommodate the required public improvements. PACLAND worked closely with the City and the projectís architectural team to model the projectís building architecture after the Cityís Downtown Redmond Hotel.